Initial steps to model a Simple Concurrent Program Using Finite State Processes (FSP) - A Vending Machine example

Hi, I’m Rasara. This article is all about the basic concepts behind Concurrent Programming Modelling and what should we know as the initial steps to begin.

It’s almost a Concurrent World…

A Concurrent Program consists of a collection of sub-programs. When the concurrent program executes, each of the individual subprograms is executed by a separate…

Two ways of creating Thread in Java

This article is all about a nutshell guide to understand the reason why we want to create a Java Thread and how to do it in two different ways.

Why do we need to create a Java Thread?

First, we need to know that, by default, every standard Java application has a main thread which is represented as the…

Rasara Thrilanka

University of Westminster, UK | Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka | Former Software Engineering Intern @WSO2

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